Two Heads

TwoHeads is a comic for everyone who’s interested in people

It explains what we know so far about how our brains work when it comes to social situations.

Why do we copy each other, often without thinking? Why do some people instinctively know what we’re thinking or feeling, while other people just don’t get it? Why are we comfortable around some strangers, but distrustful or others?

Two Heads is also for anyone who’s interested in teamwork.

‘Two heads are better than one’, people say – and, as we will show, the science attests!, but what about three or four heads, or more?

Well, sometimes adding in more people to fix a problem does help – we have the data to prove it.  But, as it turns out, it’s not just about adding in more people, it’s better to create pairs or groups that fit or don’t fit – in certain ways.

Two Heads is a science book. It’s ultimately about the things we have learned through science and also about why we think science works so well. But more than this, it’s a book that uses the medium of comics to explain exactly the things that papers in scientific journals explain, only using the brevity and insight that can be accessed by combining pictures with words, not through graphs and diagrams (although we do have some of those), but through the communication tools embedded in simple illustration.